Delete Google Search History

how-to delete Google's search historyThese days everyone uses Google almost daily, that is a lot of private search history being generated...

That is a big privacy risk! But, unfortunately that is just the beginning. These days your computer keeps a log of everything you do on the internet, well beyond what you do at Google.

Understanding how-to delete search history is only one small piece of what you need to know to protect your privacy! Did you know that the:

Is all tracked by your computer and kept in easy to find places? Deleting Google's search history isn't enough! There's at least 10 other places you need to clear data from each time you sign off, which is way too much to do manually.

That 's why I ended up closing my guide, and now recommend using this program to remove your all your tracks automatically. Every time you sign off, since it is so easy to forget!

It's the best tool I've found and they have a free scan avaliable so it is worth a try. You will be amazed all the data it will find that you should delete!

I hope this helps!

-Bob Feldman [aka Mr. Search]

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